Air Conditioning

Summer 2021 set many heat records across Saskatchewan and around the world. Air conditioners topped the favourite list of many Saskatoon residents. Air conditioner breakdowns caused unbearable living conditions. Smith Plumbing & Heating could add air conditioning to our name, but it might be too long. Trust us to handle all your air conditioning requirements. We repair and maintain commercial and residential units. We also sell and install new air conditioners. If your unit still uses Freon (R-22) it should be replaced. Our technicians can determine if a repair/recharge is an option for units using Puron. In Saskatoon and area, trust Smith Plumbing & Heating for air conditioning.
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Central Air

Central Air Conditioning is the most common type. It uses the same duct system as the forced air furnace found in most homes. This is an economical advantage, not having to install separate ductwork. Smith Plumbing & Heating installs central air along with furnaces or, at a later date. Central air is controlled with the same thermostat as the furnace. If it is a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat the air conditioner can be controlled with an app. This can help you save energy and be comfortable.

Mini Splits

Mini Splits are also known as ductless air conditioners. They have an outdoor compressor, like central air. They do not use ducting like a furnace or central air. Warm air is pulled into the air handler. That air passes over refrigerant-filled coils. The air is cooled and the heat is transferred to the refrigerant. Cool air is then returned to the room. The air handler units are required in each room that is cooled. Each handler needs two conduits connected to the compressor. Mini Splits can also provide warm air. They can be ideal for homes that do not have a conventional furnace. Cabins, trailers, or shop areas. See Smith Plumbing & Heating for your Mini Split requirements.
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commercial air conditioning

Commercial A/C

Smith Plumbing & Heating has worked with Saskatoon businesses for more than a century. We worked on the HVAC for the Bessborough Hotel in the 1930s. We are still working with commercial A/C systems today. Commercial A/C systems function the same as residential. On a much larger scale. Some commercial systems would be cooling 60,000 square feet, some 1,000.

Rooftop Units

Commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings often have rooftop units for heating and cooling. These large units have a massive capacity for cooling and heating. They are not easy to install or maintain. If your building has rooftop units that need repair or replacement. Call the experts at Smith Plumbing & Heating. Our certified technicians can safely handle any rooftop unit. From the 1st floor roof to the 24th floor roof. We are on top of our game when it comes to Saskatoon’s rooftop units.
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